Hans Christiansen

Horário: 13:20 – Debate 1 – Empresas de Economia Mista – Realidade para implementar boa governança

Hans Christiansen, Economista Sênior da OCDE
Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen is a Senior Economist in the OECD Corporate Affairs Division. He joined the Division after previous postings in the Investment Division, Financial Affairs Division and the Economics Directorate. Prior to joining OECD, he worked for the Bank for International Settlements.

Mr. Christiansen’s heads the Secretariat of the OECD Working Party on State Ownership and Privatisation Practices – the custodian of the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises. He is also responsible overseeing OECD’s non-member work on state-owned enterprises in the Asian and East European regions.

A Danish national, he holds a graduate degree in Political Economics from the University of Copenhagen. He has written extensively on topics including corporate economics, privatization and international trade and investment.